Kill Team (quasi KFKA / mini-FAQ)

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Kill Team (quasi KFKA / mini-FAQ)

Beitragvon Ghazkull » Di 25. Sep 2018, 08:17

Aus gw-fanworld, damit es nicht verloren geht:

Gepostet von Lexandro Arquebus:
Quelle: ... FKA/page43

Von Facebook bzw. Youtube (Nicht von mir!). Der Ersteller des Videos war am Wochenende bei dem GW-Event in Nottingham und konnte dort mit 2 GW-Regeljungs seinen Fragenkatalog durchgehen:

In summary:

Might put a couple of debates to bed!

Unofficial but second hand from the mouths of two of the GW guys who worked on the rules.

Will be totally superseded by the actual FAQ (hopefully in a couple of weeks!)

1. Models go OOA on the fourth flesh wound.
2. Flip belts only ignore vertical distance when moving over terrain.
3. Line of Sight is any part of the model to any part (but obscurity is about the main body).
4. When injuring a model in the Fight phase, you discard all further attacks against the same target, regardless of whether they come from the same or different weapons. There is no inherent benefit to taking multiples of the same weapon.
5. You can move, jump down without counting vertical, then keep moving.
6. If you start the movement phase within 1" of an enemy your only movement options are Fall Back or remain stationary. You cannot re-charge if the enemy Falls Back first.
7. Tactics that give you +1 to hit obscured targets just cancel out the -1. Net gain of 0.
8. The Scout tactic that allows you to re-roll your Advance or add 2" is redundant. You can just add 2". Rules mistake, may be covered in future errata.
9. Mortal wounds caused as additional damage happen FIRST. So on multi damage weapons I guess it's a guaranteed single injury die rather than a chance at multiple injury dice. If an attack inflicts multiple mortal wounds, and one of those mortal wounds reduces the model to 0 wounds, discard all further mortal wounds against that model.
10. Tactics that allow you to go first in a phase have no initiative or turn order, so players all get a chance to play them. If a player with higher initiative decides not to use one, then another player chooses to, the first player can then also choose to, forcing a roll off.
11. Tau drone saviour protocols must be engaged after a successful wound but before a save roll is made. They happen instead of rolling for a save.
12. Mindshackle scarabs must follow all the usual restrictions to shooting - shaken models cannot shoot, and models within 1" of your enemy (i.e. their ally) can only fire a pistol, and only at the closest model. But models who shoot due to mindshackle scarabs can be chosen to shoot again by their original owner later in the shooting phase.
13. Metabolic overdrive will be covered in the FAQ.
14. Tesla procs on a MODIFIED 6.
15. Necrons' prime reanimation protocols can be played after the injury roll.
16. Auxiliary grenade launchers are getting a revision in the FAQ.
17. You can take two DS8s if you want.

zu 17:
Bei Tau können sowohl Fire Warriors als auch Breachers einen DS8-Turm aufstellen. Allerdings steht bei beiden jeweils "max. 1". Sind aber durch das Schlüselwörter unterschiedlich zu werten.
WAAAAGH! - Warum kompliziert wenn's auch einfach geht?

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Re: Kill Team (quasi KFKA / mini-FAQ)

Beitragvon Ghazkull » Di 25. Sep 2018, 14:36

Was noch wichtig ist, weils im RB relativ umständlich gemacht ist (mit vielen Querverweisen auf Sondersituationen usw.):

Sobald ein Verletzungswurf durchgeführt wird, wird dieser vom Spieler des angreifenden Modells durchgeführt.
Fallschaden z.B. darf man selber würfeln.

Ist wichtig für die Wiederholungswürfe.
WAAAAGH! - Warum kompliziert wenn's auch einfach geht?

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